Below is a granular, step by step breakdown to help our clients and participants understand every step of the Dronie Booth experience.


  • An event attendee has heard all about the Dronie Booth and wants an epic dronie video for themself.

  • The attendee approaches the Dronie Booth area and observes a live video feed from the drone (you can see other dronie’s as they happen!)

  • The attendee is greeted by a brand ambassador, opts-in via iPad and then gets ready for their dronie. will no

  • During the short wait for their dronie, participants can interact with other elements in the Dronie Booth footprint, or “Branding Sandbox” (optional).

  • The participants name (or group name) is called and they step into the secured Dronie Spotlight.

  • The drone hovers at a safe distance, eye level, and frames up a beautiful “ground” shot of the participants(s).

  • The participant then presses “the dronie launch” button, and the 5 second countdown begins while the participants prepare for their big moment.

  • The drone then zooms back and upwards as the participants wave and smile at the drone, revealing the participants and the amazing scope of the event, location, and any branded elements.

  • The participants move to the redemption area to see their dronie on a monitor, or move onto other activities while the dronie is being automatically compressed and sent to their mobile device.

  • Within just minutes, the participant receives their unique link to download and share their drone.

  • Optional: Participants are prompted to post with hashtags to social media where they can be featured on the event “dronie wall”, win prizes, and much more!

** Dronie Booth experiences can be scaled to be a massive, interactive experience at a Coachella-style event, or a far more simplified “Dronie Booth” that fits a Wedding.




Our modern society thrives on social sharing of unique content that depicts their real-time experiences.  The selfie dominates social platforms, where people show themselves in a unique and special environment – a concert, a sporting event, a wedding, a mountaintop and oh such more.  The Dronie is the latest and greatest way to create special individualized content.



The Dronie Booth allows brands to enhance their attendees experience, and provide an incredible, unique video their customer can get nowhere else.  Unlike, traditional photo booths, a “Dronie” provides true scope to event experiences – all packed within a super fun, “one of a kind” Dronie Booth footprint.  



Dronie Booth videos are delivered within minutes to your customers phone via email, text, and/or landing page destination of your choice.  All options allow your customer to download their video through a branded deliverable that they can share directly to social media.



The format of the Dronie allows brands to truly capture their vision in a single customer experience.  We want to help you think outside the box. Dronie’s can be captured anywhere, while doing anything. If you just released a brand new car model then we can put participants in the car!  Put your sales team on a hike up to a gorgeous peak, and reward them with a dronie. What is revealed is also up to you. We are here to unlock your vision, and create the most meaningful and awesome experience possible that your guests can get nowhere else.


  • With a decade of live event experience, our staff can assure excellence and safety.

  • Every Dronie Booth is fully stationed off and has local security protecting the launch zone.

  • The Dronie Booth signup page has a built in “terms of participation” that assigns liability to the participant.

  • All Dronie booths are fully insured and have COI’s issued to cover all entities involved.

  • Full permitting, airspace, and location compliance is executed before the deployment of any Dronie Booth.

  • We do not fly over people, and we don’t need to. We create perfect footprints and flight paths that safely capture the participants and scope of the location.

  • We do not take risks. The Dronie Booth is a well-oiled machine, people come and they leave, the experience is explained clearly while they are in the queue.

  • We protect your brand your interest like it was our own. Any unacceptable videos are deleted immediately.

  • We do not let the attendees fly the drone.  (However we do offer other activations that let attendees take control of the camera, or teach them how to fly a drone in a safe environment).

  • All personal information and videos captured at Dronie Bt booth shared with any 3rd party. The content is safe and secure.

  • The Dronie Booth team is comprised of industry savvy and seasoned individuals, operating with the utmost professionalism and discretion.