Dronie Booth

Flying Photo Booth for Brands & Events


The Ultimate Selfie

The Dronie Booth is a client branded, pop-up anywhere activation that creates jaw-dropping, personalized dronie videos for your attendees and event.


A video “selfie”, taken by a drone. The camera starts low focused on the individual(s), and then ascends backwards to reveal the subject, the event, and the incredible scope of their experience. Dronie Videos are fully customizable, and the user can select branded add ons, including animated .gifs, music, graphic overlays, hashtags, filters and much more!


A Dronie Booth is an onsite event footprint, consumer-facing activation, with a real time (personalized) video delivery. We help you create a “Booth” that fits your vision / brand, at a strategic and safe location within your event. The result is an incredible, mind-blowing visual capture of your attendee at your event that they will cherish.

**The graphic below shows a “medium-sized Booth” and the seamless step thru attendee experience.

|Click Here| for a step by step experience breakdown

The most trusted pilots in the world


How to create stunning, branded Dronie Videos for your customers and attendees.



After consulting with the DB team, we will find the most epic way to capture your space, brand, and attendee integrates your brand. Then your ultra safe Dronie Booth will be dropped within your event.



Attendees enter the Dronie Booth, submit their information, and step into the isolated and protected DB “launch area”, where our expert pilot will capture their video.



A minute after leaving the DB experience, your attendee’s video can be delivered on via a branded email, text, or landing page so they can post their experience within minutes.

Epic videos your customers will cherish

Safety First

The Dronie Booth footprint is strategically built with safety at its core.

World Class Pilots

Expert 107 pilots that have flown flawlessly on the biggest stages, since the beginning of the industry.


FAA Approved

There’s no waiver or permit we haven’t pulled. Specialized knowledge and experience have taken us everywhere.

Fully Insured

From 1 to 10 million dollar policies, everyone we work with receives a COI to know their operation and business is safe.

Secured Content

We achieve and maintain high-security compliance for your content.

Activate your Dronie Booth anywhere

Branding Opportunities

The Dronie booth comes in all shapes and sizes, with an incredible amount of ways to organically reach your customer in fun and engaging ways. Smaller events often call for the “Dronie Booth” (patent pending).


Your space, your shot.  From 10 feet to 1000 feet, you can showcase the beauty of your brand at scope within an incredible moment.

Content Delivery

Powered by Dronie Booth IP, videos are beamed to the ground, ingested, and delivered via branded Email Template, Landing Page, SMS Text, or Live Stream.


Video Add-ons

Yes, DB videos can have music and filters that let your customers select before they are Dronied.



Tech company? Tie your new camera into the mix. HR retreat? Hike your team to the top of a mountain to get their dronies. The possibilities are endless.


Reveal the scope of your brand

Our Clients

We are the creative technologists behind all big activations. We produce, manage, and execute for these folks:

Every Dronie Booth is designed with safety and security at the core

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